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I want to Billet a Player

The rosters for the Western Major Baseball League are filled with college players from NCAA and NAIA college programs 

looking for exposure and playing time during the summer months. 

As these players are not from the area, they are billeted with local families for the time they are in these communities. The billet

family offers a place to sleep, support, food and a positive environment for a young man aged 18-24.  

Billeting can be a very exciting and rewarding experience for all of those willing to open up their homes to these young men. It 

provides an opportunity for both the player and family alike to experience a summer together and, in some cases, create life-long connections and friendships.

Consider becoming a Brooks Bomber billet today and give yourself the opportunity to make a connection and support your local ball club. For more information, please forward your contact information to Penny Bannister at